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Who Called the Kopps


Who called the Kopps!??
Serious trouble from this Triple Threat from Uptown Burgenland. Make sure you’ve enough glasses to go round - These 3 fugitives cause nothing but serious fun and good time felonies!

-Koppitsch “Perspektive Weiss” 2019 Taking a biased ‘Perspektive’ of how delicious this wine is! The Perspektive Weiss is a single range of grapes taken from a limestone hill at Maria and Alex’s Neuberg plot. Marvellous fruit content, crazily tropical and poignantly aromatic or green pineapple, mango, peach and cut grass. It’s delightful mouthfeel leaves very little guilt in drinking this sensationally revitalising liquid experience!

-Koppitsch “RÉT” 2019 Holy Glou-Good Gaw! Maria and Alex’s RÉT is a stonking gluggous pop-whizzer blend from the lakeside shores of Neusiedl. Fruitilicious goodness explodes like a Pinata at your cousins B’day Party! Blackcurrants spill across the floor and marbles of blueberries escape beyond the back of the sofa! A feast of favour awaits with this Party Juice! Grab Another, grab a friend, hit the eject button and come on down!

-Koppitsch “Perspektive Rot” 2018 Signature style from Maria and Alex Koppitsch. Perspektive Rot is a silky seducer of cassis and cherry flavours. Soft tannin and sharply mineral flex, keeps this single plot steerheady with a earthy top note that creates intrigue and complexity. An awesome example of juiciness and natural purity… approachable and honest. A delicious interpretation of Austria’s Flagship red varietals.