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Skinny Dipping


Serious Set of Skin Contacts. Showing the broad diversity of were and what skin contact whites can develop and produce. From Super refreshing to intensity delicious. From Pale Straw to Illuminous Tangerine!

  • Giulio Armani Denavolo ‘Dinavolino’ 2018 Tornado Twisting… Taste Bud Tantalising..Dyno-Dinavolino! Swinging up aromatic herbs and zesty bursts of Orange Peel and Pomelo. Juicy Greenage and hyperactive tannin texture. This is a boisterous Orange that’s satisfyingly rich, structural and incredibly moreish. Moving up in intensity on the Orange spectrum. Dinavolino spends several months on the skin whilst retaining a freshness and vitality that spins elegance with every pour.
  • D.B. Schmitt Riesling M 2018 One for the books! Macerated Riesling over a period of 60 hours, creating a dynamite range of conference pear and delicate whispers of sweet cinnamon bark on the nose. The palate is rounded, with a precise attack of power and enveloping flavour. Gastronomic in texture and length, captured in a glowing amber colour that attacks the eyes from across the room. Perfect for sharing amongst a table of Skin Contact lovers!
  • Claus Preisinger ‘Kalkundkiesel’ Weiss 2019 Super Zippy Lemon Crusher - Extremely lively and deliciously tart. Preisinger’s slaying this 30 day skin contact blend that glugs like appley lemonade. Super sustained minerality, and fruit length that just keeps going & going. Its incredible texture and nuanced grip makes it an incredibly dangerous drop to keep in the bottle!