Portugese Pack


Bangin’ Box of Portugese beauties! The full Tiago Sampaio treatment. Quencher, sluggers and dazzler Six pack!

  • Uivo Pet Nat Rose 2019 Blushing cheekily out of the bottle… this hazy beauty screams to be drunk. Made from 100% Pinot Noir and run off the skin after a short period, it leaves the profile with subtle red gooseberry tones and hints of salivating pomegranate.
  • Uivo Branco Pet Nat 2019 Foam Fest at your request. Uivo Pet Nat Branco is bubbly-active stress reliever, popping tunes and busting moves to shake up every hour of the day. Straight up Pear, lemon and Melon goodness to push away the clouds and pump up the volume.
  • Uivo Renegado 2019 Killing the looks & kicking ass - Renegado! An electric photogenic, palate teaser! Super vibrant, It’s berry medley and Fuschia appearance catching the eyes and taste buds. A Summer Quencher that calls for a second and third bottle.
  • Uivo Alvarinho 2019 Tiago Sampaio does it again to bring you naturally pure juice and sinkable quality. Taking everything beautiful about the refreshing Green apple and citrus driven Alvarinho grape and making it smashable, but reserved enough to stop it from doing a vanishing trick!
  • Uivo Moscatel Galego 2019 It’s Back Baby!! The wine formerly known as “Olho No Pe” has had a label refresh and it’s as banging as ever. Small production of just under 4000 bottles, is a fleeting pleasure giver that is the highlight of every vintage release from Tiago Sampaio. Beautifully aromatic and unbelievable tasty, packed full of melon, apricots and crisp apple tones. A sensational drop at an unbelievable price point.
  • Uivo Curtido 2018 “Wine of the year!” [As said several times during the course of 2019]. Curtido is a killer wine and easily converts people to the wonderous world of Orange wine. Spending four months on the skin to soak up every aromatic possible, the wine leaps like a High Jumping world champion! Apricots, melon, clementine… the list goes on and on for how much is going on in the bottle! It is a Must Try!