Les Foulards Rouge ‘Le Fond de L’Air est Rouge’ 2019

Carbonic macerated goodness from 80 year Cinsault Vines… “The essence of the air is red” as the rough internet translation goes! This grape liquid balances on a level of light, but fruit muscular. Evoking earthy, savoury flavours, as well as Sour Red Cherry, Raspberry and Rose flavour and aromas. Extremely low in Alcohol, this wine has a purity from concentrated grapes growing on these ancient vines. Perfect little red for the fridge and the adventurous! Country: France Region: Languedoc-Roussillon Grape: Cinsault A.B.V.: 11% Vineyard: Uncertified Organic & Biodynamic Vinification: Fermentation with Wild Yeasts, Unfiltered, Unfined, Minimal Sulphites