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Festive Fun


Festive fun A christmas-cracker combo of “ooo’s” and “aahhs” - A delightful surprise in each of this chimley-poppers! A ‘lil bit of Natty Cheer for this time of year!

Domaine Bobinet ‘Aunis’ 2019 A truly unique wine from Sebasbian & Emeline! Made solely from the grape rarely found outside of the Loire. A Chameleon of a Variety and curious as it is spellbinding! Super floral aromatics of rose petals and Szechuan pepper, Earthy root spice and Pomegranate. Laser Cut by crushed stone minerality and Ballet light body. An intriguing wonder that is reminiscent of wine from the coveted land of Jura. Eye Opening juice from the flavour complexity that a liquid from grapes can become!

D.B. Schmitt Petillant Nature 2019 Bubble Gem and sing to me softly. Cover my eyes and pour me another. Seducing through the vessel of sparkle comes the iconic pet nat from the much beloved Weingut Schmitt. Perfectly clean and fluorescent texture, it explodes with exotic exuberance. Passion me timbers and guava me go-go. This bottle ends too soon and echoes the pop of last summer's love and this morning's crush. Grab another for those other folk expecting to have a share!

Celler Del Roure ‘Cullerot’ 2019 Stellar field blend from the South East of Spain. Coastal breeze and lemon trees swirl around like crashing surf on a Mediterranean shore. Dependable, solid, gorgeous and elegant. Pure with the texture of Satin and brightness of the sun cascading over a mountainous hill.