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Bojo Boys


The latest hits from the Beaujolais Top Guns - The Backstreet Boys of Burgundy! A dazzling EP of Juh-Juh-Juice! Get the Volume rocker set to ‘HIGH’ and alert the neighbours! It’s Party Time!

-Jean Foillard Morgon ‘Cote du Py’ 2018 The Gura, the Father, the Grandfather… The Boxing weight cruncher that is Jean Foillard. Exceptional quality and endlessly drinkable, nevermind dependable. Talk about fine. Low intervention Cru Beaujolais doesn’t get more textbook and aspirational than this. The covert quality of this natural wine will surprise most “anti” natural wine haters out there. A pure breed “sneaky” natural than bounds full of texture and cranberry tones, nuance and poetics. Delicious with food.. The trimmings and talks. Swirl this elixir around and sip in the Quality.

-Remi & Laurence Dufaitre ‘Premices’ 2018 Pretty as pink, elegant as silk! This wine from the Dufaitre duo punches well above the level of just beaujolais-villages. Super tuned fruit and precision, it carries a flurry of sweet fruit and floral bouquet. Fluidly textured, balanced and subtle stone quality on the nose, gives a purpose and finesse that’s constantly enjoyed again and again with every bottle.

-Domaine Chapel Beaujolais-Villages 2019 So much pleasure cusped in the hands of the not so noble Gamay variety. Domaine Chapel has somewhat of a close cult following, from where we do not know! These wines have impressed Top sommeliers and fanatic Bojo fans across the span of the globe. Juicy in the mouth but flimsy it is not. The wine has incredible longevity in taste and boisterous ripe strawberry and cherry fruit. Super satisfyingly delicious with unctuous drinkability.